From Diana, With Love

Life through the lens of my Diana Mini

Blues on a Sunday
Summer concerts make me happy.
Snapped on Fomapan 100 
Just invested in a Lomography Digitaliza after my disaster photo lab experiences. Love having control over how my images get scanned and saving pictures that the guys at the photo lab severely botched when cropping (the picture above being a rescued one). 
Nico and his Smena on 120 film.
Beside The Seaside
A forgotten sandcastle on an empty beach shot on expired film. 
I like to pretend I’m a tourist in my own city. You seem to see more that way. I live for drives and explorations with The Boyfriend.
Setting sun. Cloudy day. 120 film. Diana Mr Pink. Loving it.  
Chapman’s Peak
Chapman’s Peak is a beautiful, but intimidating, mountain pass in Cape Town. Going up there on a cloudy day presented some perfect picture opportunities, especially when my new Diana F+ came along for the ride. There is just something magical about 120 film. 
Carousels seem to make the perfect subject for snapping pictures on a Diana. Love how this came out. 
Safe As Houses
I put together this gingerbread house at Christmas. We ate it with tea on the balcony.